Hello, my name is Brunna Croches! I'm Dev FullStack, lawyer and entrepreneur.

As a versatile developer with a diverse background in law and business, I've made a successful transition into the tech industry, driven by my innate curiosity and love for continuous learning.

My expertise spans Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, and various frameworks such as Node.js, Django, React, Vue.js, and Three.js.

I've contributed to over 200 open-source projects on GitHub, shared 70+ insightful articles on LinkedIn, and hold 91 certifications in the field.

Leveraging my experience as a former entrepreneur and lawyer, I bring a unique perspective and strong soft skills, including effective teamwork, communication, and adaptability.

Committed to making a meaningful impact, I confidently embrace my true calling as a developer, knowing that my work contributes value to both myself and society.


“ I think we should all be allowed to Etch A Sketch our life and say : “I thought this is the life I wanted, but it’s not, and so I’m gonna start over again.”

If you have a longing, and a dream, and a passion inside of you, why hold on to what you used to do and who you used to be and... lose who you want to become?

If people could just make a decision to be fully alive, if they could just get rid of everything that’s sucking the life out of their soul, that’s when you’re gonna find your passion.

But your passion will never be about yourself.

Your passion will always be about some good you can do in the world. ”

Documentary: The Minimalists: Less Is Now.

Selected Works